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The Beatles’ music set the pace for the most turbulent decade in living memory. Now "A BeatleMania Tribute" keys up the memories, drives the images and triggers the events of that exciting time in a live performance of the best loved contemporary songs of all time.

BeatleMania Tribute", four seasoned musicians who capture the spirit, look and sound of the Fab Four in 35 renditions of the sounds that make us "Want To Hold You Hand" and bring us back to "Yesterday" and the excitement of a " Magical Mystery Tour".

You begin your magical mystery tour with the dawn of a decade that saw President Kennedy establish the Peace Corps. It’s a time man first ventures into space, troops are ordered into Vietnam and the U.S. blockades Cuba and forces the removal of Soviet missiles.

The stage erupts into the music that took the world by storm. "I Want To Hold You Hand" reminds us of why the Moptops captured the top of the pops so quickly. "She Loves You" cements the Fab Four’s grip on the pop world. The love affair is on. The Beatles bring "Help". They inform the world that you "Can’t Buy Me Love" and women everywhere swoon over, "If I Fell".The sound begins to change. The group explores and experiments. The reflective "Yesterday" sets the tone for "Eleanor Rigby".

The messages flow with "We Can Work It Out" and "Nowhere Man".The World is not primed for the trip the Beatles take us on next. The Tribute goes psychedelic with "A Day In The Life", "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Penny Lane". Spacey words and music mingle and blend in a colorful splash of "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds".Spiritual searching leads inward and to the stars with reflective songs like "Lady MaDonna", "The Fool On the Hill", "Got To Get You Into My Life", " Michelle" and "Get Back".

Flower power suddenly bursts out as kids turn on, tune in and drop out. Hair is flowing, the movement is growing, and the Beatles’ songs become the movement’s anthem with "Come Together", "With A Little Help From My Friends" and "All You Need Is Love".The World does not lie back and accept dropping out. Vietnam is a blood bath. Rioting is rampant.

Flower power wilts and freaks fight in the streets. It is a time of " Revolution". The World has gone "Helter Skelter" and the Beatles cry out "Hey Jude".National Guard troops shoot on a crowd of anti-war demonstrators at Kent State University killing four. U.S. troops invade Cambodia and the Beatles make statements that it’s time to move on. "I Am A Walrus" speaks in riddles, and "The Long And Winding road" leads to a place where the Beatles "Let It Be"

Their music drove the culture in turmoil, created the heartbeat of a society erupting with Chicago riots , the death of the Kennedy’s and civil rights marches. Their sound inspired the fashions, lifestyles and very fabric of the people in transition. "A BeatleMania Tribute" sweeps the panorama of that change before you with the sounds that marked the milestones of the world’s premier supergroup and their varied career.

BeatleMania was a smash on Broadway and trilled sellout audiences in cities from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Now, "A BeatleMania Tribute" brings the excitement up to date with the technology of 2006 with music that is timeless and images that changed the way we lived.

The prosperity of this show is measured by the success it enjoys around the world. Our BeatleMania has played Eastern and Western Europe, South America, Asia and much of North America.   Our corporate performances have been for many of the Fortune 500 list. We have played half-time or after-game shows for Major League Hockey and Baseball and at times the Cast has sung the National Anthem.

Available with full multi-media production or in concert only format, this show is a recognized feature attraction with exceptional headline value for the price. Wardrobe changes that bring the audience through the early (Ed Sullivan) years, Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road.


BeatleMania Conventions

One, Two or Three Day
CONVENTIONS & EXPOS featuring:   

Beatle and British Invasion music

National Recognized Guest Speakers

Vintage and Documentary Film

Vendors displaying: Beatle memorabilia, vintage recordings, vintage and antique musical instruments, paper, photos, sheet music, posters, videos.

Memorabilia from Hollywood, Music groups, Rock Stars


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